Floating Stone Eyelets


Priced Per Pair – If you need a single plug, or have any other questions please contact us. Metal Colors only available in Titanium.

Single Flare wearable surface: .340In (8.6mm)
Double Flare wearable surface: 5/8” and below = .330In (8.4mm), 3/4” and above .370In (9.4mm)

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Floating Stone Eyelets Proudly made in the USA using Implant Grade 316LVM Surgical Steel. Hand polished to a mirror shine, Anatometals surface finish is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Please contact us with questions. This jewelry is high quality and not produced in China.

From Anatometal:

Our vision brings into focus the ultimate goal of meticulously hand-crafting the best quality and classically designed body piercing jewelry.
This vision is achieved in every stage of production, from the use of implant grade materials and maintaining precision specifications; through hand polishing and packaging the fine products we’ve been proud of the Anatometal label since 1991.
Anatometal has been affiliated with the Association of Professional Piercers since its inception and was the first corporate member of the organization and we proudly adheres to their specifications and standards. After all, we created those minimum standards over two decades ago.

Weight: .125 lbs
Dimensions: 9 × 6 × 2 in


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