Diablo Onet Stone Weights Square Picture Jasper Brass


Priced Per Pair – *Hangers not included* You will have to purchase hangers separately. The hangers in the pictures will not come with the jewelry. You can find hangers here. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

  1. Solid Brass with 50mm Picture Jasper – Weight: 47 grams per piece


Diablo Onet Stone Weights  Square Picture Jasper Brass

Hangers sold separately as everyone’s earholes are different sizes.  Lots of designs and sizes to choose from.

Jimmy Buddha Designs is the exclusive collection from Diablo Organics, combining specialty materials, unique design, and handcrafted to create a line of beautiful jewelry.

We have a passion for the entire process of jewelry making, from sourcing materials from around the globe, and tastefully designing each set, to its meticulous handcrafting. The entire process is overseen by Jimmy himself, who has over 14 years of experience in the jewelry and body-modification industry.

Our home base is Austin, TX, but our collaborators span the globe and are all featured on this site.