Gorilla Glass – Hybrid Deluxe Dichroic


Every pair of these stunning Gorilla Glass Hybrid Delux Diochroic plugs are one of a kind and hand-carved in Mexico. Double flared and available in 10 colors.

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Plum, Bright Blue Green, Indigo Silver, Lavender Gold, Smoke Turquoise


8mm(0g), 10mm(00g), 11mm(7/16)", 12mm(1/2"), 12.7mm, 14mm(9/16"), 16mm(5/8"), 19mm(3/4"), 22mm(7/8"), 25mm(1"), 28mm(1 1/8"), 32mm(1 1/4"), 35mm(1 3/8"), 38mm (1 1/2"), 41mm(1 5/8"), 44mm(1 3/4"), 48mm(1 7/8"), 51mm(2")


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