“Ancient Remains” Septum Clicker


Priced Per Piece – We are currently only selling what we have in stock, we are no longer taking orders for Flaming Bones that we do not have in stock. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

Sleeves are available here! Sleeves don’t fit 12g and 14g, if you would like a sleeve, please choose 16g. Sleeves are made from Horn and Vegetable Ivory.  Thanks!

Categories: 0g - 8mm, 12g - 2mm, 14g - 1.5mm, 16g (Standard Piercing Size), 2g - 6.5mm, 4g/5mm, 6g - 4mm, 8g - 3mm, Brass, Facial Piercing Jewelry, Flaming Bones, Metal Body Jewelry, Septum, Septum Jewelry, Septum Piercing Jewelry, Stainless Steel
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Ancient Remains Septum Clicker from Flaming Bones


About Flaming Bones:

Borneo Joe’s Flaming Bones offers handcrafted organic body jewelry at the highest level of quality. If you want the best, we have the body jewelry for you.


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