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Single Flare Simple Color Plugs


Priced Per Pair – These are available in single flare standard, with a groove, or with extra length (long).  All colored plugs are made of Soda-lime and the crystal color is made of Borosilicate. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

Ears, Plugs & Eyelets, Plugs "Gauges"/Eyelets "Tunnels", Glass Plugs/Eyelets, Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass Plugs and Tunnels, 000g/7/16"/11mm, 00g/9.5mm, 0g/8mm, 1/2"/12.5mm, 10g/2.5mm, 12g/2mm, 2g/6.5mm, 4g/5mm, 6g/4mm, 8g/3mm
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