Straight Barbells


Priced Per Piece – Available in Stainless Steel (ASTM F-138), Titanium (ASTM F-136), or Niobium (comes with steel balls). If you choose an anodized color, it will have to be Titanium or Niobium! If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

Also available in 18karat Solid Gold upon request.

Categories: 000g - 7/16" - 11mm, 00g / 9.5mm, 0g - 8mm, 1/2" - 12.5mm, 10g - 2.5mm, 12g - 2mm, 14g - 1.5mm, 16g (Standard Piercing Size), 2g - 6.5mm, 4g/5mm, 6g - 4mm, 8g - 3mm, Anatometal, Straight Barbells Jewelry
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Straight Barbells from Anatometal

Anatometal- 316LVM material has been used for permanent implants for many years. The corrosion resistance in the annealed condition is good. Many studies for new alloys use 316LVM as a reference. This stainless steel has good ductility in the cold worked condition. Applications include: suture wire, orthopaedic cables, skin closure staples, catheters, stylets, bone pins and many small machined parts.  All of our barbells are internally threaded and made here in the United States.  This is why the price is more expensive.  This is implant steel made to go inside your body. It has no nickel in it.  Contact us if you don’t see the size or style you want. We can get it!!!


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