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Stone Rings – Blue Goldstone


Priced Per Pair – 2g to 3/4″ – If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

Blue Goldstone is a glass invented by the Miotti family of Venice, Italy in the 17th century.

000g/7/16"/11mm, 00g/9.5mm, 0g/8mm, 1/2"/12.5mm, 2g/6.5mm, 3/4"/19mm, 5/8"/16mm, 9/16"/14mm, Diablo Organics, Ear Weights, Ears, Hanging Designs, Hoops, Natural Stone Body Jewelry, Organic Body Jewelry, Organic Ear Weights, Rings/Hoops/Spirals, Stone, Stone Hanging Designs
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