Laughing Buddha is now offering Infinity Bracelets!

Infinity Bracelet
Infinity Bracelet
Infinity Bracelet
Infinity Bracelet

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Infinity Bracelets and permanent jewelry.

What is an Infinity Bracelet?

Unlike traditional jewelry, Infinity Bracelets are welded around your wrist with no clasp, meaning the bracelet is one piece of chain that has no beginning and no end. You can choose to wear your permanent jewelry for years to come.

Whenever you’re ready to part with your Infinity Bracelet, you can remove it in a simple manner.

What types of Infinity Bracelets does Laughing Buddha offer?

Laughing Buddha is offering various chain styles of Infinity Bracelets from dainty circles to bold, chunky designs. They’re available in three different metals — sparkling sterling silver, implant-grade titanium, or a beautiful 14k yellow or white gold.

Can I bring my own chain for my Infinity Bracelet appointment?

Laughing Buddha is unable to weld any outside chains for Infinity Bracelets, therefore chains must be bought and supplied by Laughing Buddha at the time of service/appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Infinity Bracelets are offered as an in-studio service by appointment only.
Please call the studio at (909) 981-2877 to book your appointment.

How long does an appointment take?

Each appointment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

Can I get more than one bracelet during an appointment?

One person is able to get up to two permanent bracelets during one appointment slot. If there is more than one person looking to get an Infinity Bracelet at a certain time, then two back-to-back appointment slots are required.

Is there a deposit required to make an appointment?

At this time Laughing Buddha is not requiring deposits for you to make an appointment for an Infinity Bracelet. However, our appointment availability is limited, so please give us a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We ask that you please do this to keep the appointment system deposit free going forward.

How much does an Infinity Bracelet cost?

Each Infinity Bracelet chain will be fitted perfectly to your unique wrist, meaning the pricing varies depending upon the length, as well as your choice of metal and type of chain.

Can I get an Infinity Anklet or Necklace?

At this time, Laughing Buddha is only offering Infinity Bracelets and is not currently offering permanent jewelry on ankles, necks, or any other part of the body.

Can I be allergic to an Infinity Bracelet?

Some people can be allergic to sterling silver and other metals. If you are sensitive to certain metals, we do offer implant-grade titanium and solid 14K gold chains that are completely hypoallergenic. Laughing Buddha is not responsible for allergic reactions that may occur from permanent jewelry.

Do you repair Infinity Bracelets?

If your Infinity Bracelet comes loose within two weeks of your appointment date, Laughing Buddha will re-weld the chain (if it is not lost or damaged) free of charge. If it breaks after the two-week period, then we can re-weld it back onto your wrist for a $30 weld fee. Please keep in mind, Laughing Buddha will not replace any lost or damaged chains no matter how much time has passed.

Do I need to clean my Infinity Bracelet?

Infinity Bracelets are easy to maintain cleanliness. In the case that lotion or soap residue does build up on your Infinity Bracelet, they can be gently cleaned using a simple polishing cloth or small toothbrush.

How do I remove my Infinity Bracelet?

You can easily remove your Infinity Bracelets using a sharp pair of scissors.

Are Infinity Bracelets guaranteed to last? Do you have a return policy for Infinity Bracelets?

All sales are final on Infinity Bracelets. Permanent bracelets are delicate in nature and can break. We will work with you to ensure your bracelet choice is the best possible for your lifestyle. However, we can’t guarantee that your bracelet will last for a certain length of time, therefore all sales are final, and Laughing Buddha is not responsible for issuing any refunds in the event of loss or damage.