Welcome to Our Professional Piercing Shop in Upland, CA! 

Laughing Buddha Body Piercing’s professional piercers specialize in safety, sanitation, and comfortability.

When you come into our shop, our friendly and informative staff is ready to help you with anything you need – from piercings to high quality body jewelry. We sterilize every piece of equipment and jewelry that comes in contact with you when you get pierced or have new jewelry put in. Our safety procedures are industry standard and our autoclave’s are always up to date on spore tests and always maintained as required. Read more about our safety and sanitation commitment.

We’re very proud to offer premium body jewelry from the industry’s top vendors. Call or visit Laughing Buddha Body Piercing for a free, friendly consultation. Please contact us at upland@laughingbuddhabodypiercing.com with questions.

The piercing room at Laughing Buddha Body Piercing in Upland, CA

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