Safety & Sanitation at Laughing Buddha Body Piercing

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Here at Laughing Buddha Body Piercing we take safety and sanitation very seriously. These are the measures we take:

  • Every item that comes into contact with our clients has been properly sterilized in an autoclave.
  • All needles and piercing jewelry get sterilized in a Statim autoclave when you come in to get pierced, stretched, or to have jewelry inserted.
  • You will see all of your items physically coming out of the autoclave prior to your procedure.
  • We spore test our autoclaves weekly to ensure proper functioning, and keep a current record of all spore test results.
  • We use Sterilization Integrator Strips with every cycle processed through our autoclaves. This ensures that each and every cycle has passed the requirements to achieve full sterilization.

What Is An Autoclave?

From The Free Dictionary – Medical Dictionary:

Autoclave: “a self-locking apparatus for the sterilization of materials by steam under pressure. The autoclave allows steam to flow around each article placed in the chamber. The vapor penetrates cloth or paper used to package the articles being sterilized. Autoclaving is one of the most effective methods for destruction of all types of microorganisms, including spores. The amount of time and degree of temperature necessary for sterilization depend on the articles to be sterilized and whether they are wrapped or left directly exposed to the steam.”

From the SciCan website:

“Healthcare practitioners in over 90 countries around the world rely on STATIM to protect their patients and staff from infection – with sterilized instruments in just minutes. In 1989, SciCan transformed the industry, developing the world’s first compact sterilization unit designed to meet the growing need for handpiece sterilization. Today, the STATIM still boasts superior cycle times and processes for both wrapped and unwrapped cycles. In fact, the STATIM Cassette Autoclave® sterilizes up to ten times faster than traditional ‘chamber style’ units. Employing a proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement technology – using saturated steam to remove air and effectively sterilize instruments between patients – the STATIM Autoclave ensures dentists always have an ample supply of instruments ready for use.”