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My Broken Heart


Priced Per Pair – These are available in Standard (18g) or Small(8g/3mm), Medium(4g/5mm), and Large(0g/8mm). If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!


You asked for it and we delivered, a standard version of one of our most loved designs.


  • 2 1/4″L x 2 1/8″W
  • Standard size. Must be at least 18g to wear
  • Weight: 6g per piece
  • Hand forged


Just plain cute.


  • One Size: 1 5/8″L x 1 5/8″W
  • Must be at least 8g to wear
  • Weight: 8g per piece
  • Hand forged


Beautiful hearts for all the lovers out there.


  • One Size: 2 3/4″L x 2 3/4″W
  • Weight: 38g per piece
  • Must be at least 4g to wear
  • Hand forged


Our most popular design fabricated in metal. Fun and fabulous.


  • One Size: 2 1/4″L x 2 1/4″W
  • Weight: 50g per piece
  • Hand forged
  • Must be at least 0g to wear