Skin Eyelets


Priced Per Pair – Made from Silicone, these are flexible and are not recommended in non-healed piercings because of material. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

Ultra thin-walled eyelet with subtle flares. So comfortable it’s almost like not wearing jewelry at all!

Wearing Surface: 5/16″



Wearing Surface (W.S.) –  5/16″

“The latest Kaos body jewelry evolution. The Skin Eyelet is an ultra-thin wall eyelet with saddle shaped wearing surface. Made from higher stiffness silicone with a less tacky surface. Just strong enough to hold a piercing open, almost like wearing nothing at all.

NOTE: As with all of our Kaos eyelets, these products are not for stretching a piercing and are not suggested for wear in an unhealed piercing.”


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