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Weight Of My Heart


Priced Per Pair – If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

A heavy heart that packs a perfect punch.

  • One Size: 1 1/4″L x 1 1/4″W
  • Must be at least 0g to wear
  • Weight: 47g per piece
  • Hand forged



000g/7/16"/11mm, 00g/9.5mm, 0g/8mm, 1 1/2"/38mm, 1 1/4"/32mm, 1 1/8"/29mm, 1 3/8"/35mm, 1 5/8"/41mm, 1"/25mm, 1/2"/12.5mm, 11/16"/17mm, 13/16"/21mm, 15/16"/23mm, 2g/6.5mm, 3/4"/19mm, 5/8"/16mm, 7/8"/22mm, 9/16"/14mm, Ear Weights, Ears, Gold, Hanging Designs, Maya Jewelry, Metal Body Jewelry, Metal Ear Weights, Metal Hanging Designs, Silver
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