Ear Spreaders & Coils

Ear Spreaders and Coils from Diablo Organics are available in brass, copper, and sterling silver! Styles include Saddle Spreader Hooks, Platform Saddle Spreaders, Classic Coils, Tear Coils, Distressed Saddle Spreaders, Sleek Coils, Hoop Coils, Flat Coils, and more!

Diablo Organics ear spreaders and coils are meant to hang jewelry off of. For example: Megalodon ear weights, Globes, Stone Discs, Arrowheads, Chalcedony Stone, Pillow Stones, Amethyst Slices, Stone Flowers… and much more. These are available in a variety of different metals and styles. If you have any questions, please contact us.

From Diablo Organics:

Jimmy Buddha Designs is the exclusive collection from Diablo Organics, combining specialty materials, unique designs and handcrafting to create a line of beautiful jewelry. We have a passion for the entire process of jewelry making, from sourcing materials from around the globe, and tastefully designing each set, to its meticulous handcrafting.

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