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Solid Brass Tear Coils


Priced Per Pair – Made from Solid Brass – 12g, 8g, 6g, and 2g Only – Made for hanging jewelry off of. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests, thank you!

Categories: 12g - 2mm, 2g - 6.5mm, 6g - 4mm, 8g - 3mm, All Diablo Organics, Brass, Brass Ear Weights, Diablo Organics, Ear Hangers / Hanging Designs, Ear Spreaders & Coils, Ear Weights, Ears, Jewelry by Company, Metal Body Jewelry, Metal Ear Hangers, Metal Ear Weights
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Solid Brass Tear Coils

These are also available in singles upon request. Just contact us.

From Diablo:

Jimmy Buddha Designs is the exclusive collection from Diablo Organics, combining specialty materials, unique design and handcrafting to create a line of beautiful jewelry. We have a passion for the entire process of jewelry making, from sourcing materials from around the globe, and tastefully designing each set, to its meticulous handcrafting.


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