Bullet Hole Plugs


Priced Per Pair– Available in new colors* with choices in single flare, single flare with a groove, and double flare.

* Smoke and Aqua are the only colors that come in 1 1/2″

Categories: 00g / 9.5mm, 1 1/2" - 38mm, 1 1/4" - 32mm, 1 1/8"- 29mm, 1 inch - 25mm, 3/4" - 19mm, 5/8"- 16mm, All, All Gorilla Glass, Ears, Glass Plugs & Eyelets, Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass Plugs and Eyelets, Jewelry by Body Part, Large Plugs or Eyelets (1"+), Plugs & Eyelets, Plugs and Eyelets
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