Gold Captive Bead Ends


Priced Per Piece – Available in 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold. Please contact us with any questions.

See price disclaimer in Description below.

Categories: BVLA / Body Vision LA, Circular Barbells, Curved Barbells Jewelry, Ears, Eyebrows, Facial Piercing Jewelry, Genitals, Gold, Gold Threaded & Threadless Ends, Lips/Mouth, Navel Pieces (Belly Button), Nipples, Nostril Jewelry, Piercing Barbells, Rings/Hoops/Spirals, Septum, Straight Barbells Jewelry, Threaded and Threadless Ends, Torso
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Gold Captive Bead Ends

***GOLD DISCLAIMER: Due to the fluctuation of gold and precious gems in the market, prices on these pieces could vary. The prices you see are rough estimates and may change. The best way to order one of these pieces is to contact us about it with the variations (Gold type, gems, lengths, sizes, etc..) you have in mind so we can get a price quote from Body Vision. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. Thanks!***

Our Captive Beads come in All Sizes Colors and Countersink Options


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