Ouroboros by Diablo Organics


Ouroboros by Diablo Organics

Size: Small – 2mm(12g), Height 55mm, Width 55mm, Weight Per Pair 35g, SKU#32367

Size: Medium – 3mm(8g), Height 88mm, Width 77mm, Weight Per Pair 90g, SKU#32379

Size: Large – 4mm(6g), Height 100mm, Width 100mm, Weight Per Pair 140g, SKU#32671

Jinxy, Tara and Izmani are modeling the Large 4mm(6g) size.

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Ouroboros by Diablo Organics

From Diablo:

Diablo Organics is an award-winning body arts jewelry company located in Austin, Texas. We create the highest quality jewelry from organic materials. Including amber, brass, hardwoods, stone, ammonites, megalodon teeth, fossils, mother of pearl, and more.

Jimmy Buddha Designs is the exclusive collection from Diablo Organics. Combining specialty materials, unique design, and handcrafted to create a line of beautiful jewelry. We have a passion for the entire process of jewelry making. From sourcing materials from around the globe, and tastefully designing each set, to its detailed handcrafting



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