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Saba Wood Teardrop Eyelets


Priced Per Pair – Made from Saba Wood, these are discontinued. Selling only what we have in stock. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Thanks!

1 1/4"/32mm, 1 1/8"/29mm, 1 5/8"/41mm, Diablo Organics, Ears, Exotic Wood Jewelry, Larger Plugs/Eyelets (1"+), Organic Body Jewelry, Plugs "Gauges"/Eyelets "Tunnels", Plugs & Eyelets, Unique Piercing Jewelry, Wood, Wood Plugs/Eyelets
diablo, ears, eyelets, gauges, organic, organics, plugs, saba, saba wood, teardrop, tunnels, wood
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